Vegan Tamale Casserole

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Recently I was inspired by Goats Revolt's Pepper Jack Cheese. I have been eating it non stop in a grain bowls, breakfast tacos and even just by itself. I don't often make a casseroles, but when I do I always think " Why don't I make these more often?!" Its always perceived as a "mom dish", but we are ever so quick to forget how "mom dishes" are the most comforting meals.  We wanted to make your Meatless Monday's or your Tamale Tuesdays  just a little more "comforting"

Recipe // Made for 6 Tamales 

6 Black Bean and Corn Tamales 

Goats Revolt's Pepper Jack Cheese

6oz of Vegan Sour Cream 

1 TBL of Vegan Cream Cheese 

5-7 oz Green Enchilada Sauce 

Green Chiles 


Green Onions

Directions // 

Place 6 slightly warm Vegan tamales in a oven safe dish 

Mix Sour Cream + Cream Cheese + Enchilada Sauce + Green Chiles into a sauce 

Pour the Sauce over the entire dish

Sprinkle vegan Cheese on Top 

Cook in a 350 Degree oven till bubbling and then broil till cheese browns. 

Top with chopped cilantro and green onions. 






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