Tamale Cart

Catering Options

PUSH CART PACKAGE    |   $350 

This cart is great for any event: Weddings, Corporate Events, Holiday Parties, Birthdays and Community Events. This cart does not require electricity. Additional Tamales can be added 

  • 2 Hour Cart Rental with Server
  • 100 Tamales
  • Eco Friendly Paper Products
  • Fresh made Salsa
  • Toppings ( Queso Fresco, Cilantro, Crema)     
    SELF SERVE CART PACKAGE    |    $300 

    We drop off and pick up the cart free of charge with in a 25 mile radius (outside radius fees do apply) you can keep the cart up to 4 hours. This cart requires electricity.   

    • Up to 4 Hours Cart Rental
    • 100 Tamales
    • Eco friendly paper products
    • Fresh made salsa.     
    OFFICE LUNCH   |   $7 per person

    Perfect for office lunches.We provide you with simple and all in one system for lunch  

    • 2 tamales per person.
    • Disposable Chaffing Dish
    • Eco Friendly Paper Products.
    • Fresh Salsa and tortilla chips.
    • Add drinks, and perhaps a side and/or dessert, and you're all set. 

    * These prices do not include taxes or gratuity 



    Chips and Guacamole | $60

    The ingredients are kept to a minimum, but we only use the best avocados. Its simply amazing. Per 20-25 people.


    Chips and Queso | $40

    If you are a Texan then you know that queso is a major food group, and Chessus Christ this queso is good! Per 20-25 people.


    Glass Soda Bar | $2

    Add something special to your event with this rolling cart with iced down bottles of sodas : Mexican Cokes, Jarritos and Topo Chico. Per  Person


    Chips and Salsa | $30

    We use the award winning Citas' Salsa. Made by a mother and daughter in small batches. They are all natural, gluten free and preservative free salsa. Per 20-25 people

    Additional Staff | $30

    We suggest adding another tamalero to an event over 100 people. Price per Hour


    Customize | Market Price

    Need more than we offer? We are more than happy to help you find everything you need for your event. We can add items or point you in the right direction with various vendors we work with and trust.