Tamales for Breakfast

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Desayuno Breakfast Tamales

Tamales a meal as old as time. When one usually thinks of tamales what comes to mind is bundled up in the cold weather months, dinner time, and surrounded by loved ones. But did you know you can have tamales for breakfast?! Crazy, I know but contrary to popular belief tamales can be enjoyed anytime of the day or year for that matter. Here ill show you which tamales are the best for that Saturday morning pick-me-up or something you can do to treat yourself when you have those Monday blues.



1. First things first, place the dozen black bean & corn tamales in a pot of boiling water for about 10-15 minutes. 

2. Meanwhile soft scramble your pasture raised eggs (or however you like your eggs!) 

3.Then, thinly slice your ripened avocado

4. Next, pop open a jar of our favorite; Chilesquiles Roasted Green salsa; the perfect balance of tang & heat

5. Plate it, and top it off with some Red Clay Spicy Everything Salt to take it to the new taste level.


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