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We have a few emails every month about our shipping cost. We know that they are high, but we are also a small business. For those who are not familiar with shipping, its sure ain't cheap especially when shipping a frozen product. We debated over the years on selling our tamales for $30 per dozen with free shipping, but we also have a large retail following and we want to have similar prices online vs stores vs farmers markets. So instead we thought we would be transparent with our shipping cost. 

T A M A L E   P R I C E S :

Our tamales retail for $14 per dozen in retail stores, so we charge $14.95 per dozen online. The $.95 extra helps covers the cost of the shipping supplies, most people order 3 or 4 dozen.

S H I P P I N G  S U P P L I E S : 

In some cases a person might only order 1 dozen tamales. Example is if someone orders 1 dozen to California, it will 3 days ground. We have to use a lot of fillers in the styrofoam box and ice packs because its a very small order in a medium container. In this case automatically add $1.75 on that order to help cover shipping cost. ( we almost loose money on this order)

V I S U A L  A I  D : 

Here is a visual of just a few things we use to ship. This also doesn't include the cost of labor, rent, website fees and a few other items. 

W E I G H T  : 

Every dozen tamales weighs 2 lbs. This might not seem like a lot to you, but it can get heavy and heavy means.... higher shipping cost. 

L  O C A T I O N : 

We use FedEx because it has the best rates for us and shipping times. For some reason if you live in a certain area your rates maybe higher,I have no answer for this. We suggest looking at having them shipped to fedex location near to you, or your work ( commercial rates are lower, but no Saturday delivery) 

T H A N K  Y O U :

So again we know the cost are high and we don't make a penny off it. We want to be honest about our shipping cost. Every year that we grow as a company, we can meet certain price cuts for large orders, more shipping and bulk pricing. We totally understand if our shipping isn't in your budget and we certainly understand. We suggest you searching for a tamale company closer to your home, support someone local to you.  




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