Cheese Tamales + Stuffed Mushroom with Quail Eggs Recipe

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Cheese and Jalapeño Tamales with Stuffed MushroomsThis is our second recipe about how to step up your" egg game" with Quail Eggs. We are so lucky to be next to 4C Farms at the Rockwall Farmers Market. One of the perks of working a farmers market is the fact that some vendors like to trade. Not only do I enjoy the actual product, but I love the opportunity to share all of these amazing things that people might not even know about, or how to incorporate them with our tamales. 

I have been lucky to be given a few dozen Quail Eggs over this summer, and I thought I would do a 3 part series on how to serve them. I think a lot of people love the idea of quail eggs, but are a little threatened on how to actually cook them up. 

Cheese + Mushrooms are a match made in heaven, so I thought a egg baked mushroom with our Cheese and Jalapeño Tamales would be a great combination. This whole thing took less than 15 minutes to make. 

Cheese and Jalapeño Tamales



Quail Eggs

Mushroom and Egg BakeWhat you need //

Cheese + Jalapeño Tamales 

Quail Eggs

Medium Mushroom Caps


Olive Oil 

Seasoning ( Suggestion : Red Pepper Flakes, Chives, Fresh Herbs )



What you do //

Boil in Bag the Cheese and Jalapeño Tamales 

Pre Heat Oven ( I used the toaster oven at 425 degrees)

Remove the Stems of the mushroom caps

Rub with Olive Oil 

Place one Quail Egg per Mushroom Cap

Sprinkle with Salt 

Cook Mushrooms Until Egg is done to your desire ( I like my yolks runny)

Remove Tamales from Hot Water ( Cooking Instructions on Bag ) 

Plate Tamales, Salsa and Mushrooms ( I added some red pepper flakes for a kick)


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