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Heirloom Masa Harina - White Olotillo

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Masienda’s Chef-Grade Masa Flour begins with single-origin heirloom corn white ocotillo corn, which is nixtamalized and then ground into a fine masa, or dough. For Masienda Chef-Grade Masa Flour, the masa then undergoes a low-and-slow drying process, which makes for a finished, shelf-stable masa flour that carefully preserves the flavor and nutrients of a freshly-milled masa. With the simple addition of warm water*, the masa is transformed into the foundation for hundreds of dishes, including corn tortillas, tamales, tostadas, and other delicious preparations. We produced this Chef-Grade Masa Harina using white ocotillo corn from the mountainous region of coastal Oaxaca. Known for its medium starch density and high oil content, white ocotillo is a workhorse of a varietal that produces puff-worthy tortillas with a brilliant, corny flavor.