How much do we sell the tamales for?

Suggested retail is $14 but you can sell them up to $18 per dozen.


How much do we receive per dozen?

You receive $4.00 - $8.00 depending on your selling price.


Are your tamales gluten free?

Yes they are!


Where are the tamales made?

The Tamales are made in a USDA Kitchen


How many options do you recommend?

Ancho Chili Pork, Chicken Tomatillo, Beef Tenderloin, Black Bean and Corn (Vegan)


Do the tamales come hot?

No, the tamales come frozen in cryovac packaging that are prepare by boiling them in the bag.


How else can we use The Tamale Company for fundraising?

Use our products in your concession stand or your next event.


What is the turn around time for the tamales?

Your orders will be ready in 7days after you submit your order. Delivery date will be agreed on before fundraiser begins.